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all of your frequently asked questions answered here. 

Is the Trip Refundable?

The trip is non refundable including deposit. If you want to secure your spot you need to pay in full for the retreat. We recommend the purchase of trip insurance for emergancy change of plans. Please read all terms and conditions of the contract. Submission of deposit means you agree to all terms and conditions & waiver and release of liability.

Read full Terms and Conditions                        Waiver and Release of Liability

Is this trip
for me?

If you're ready to create your dream life, and experience one of the most life changing places in the world this trip is for you. That means, you might have to work for it. That means you may have to commit to your growth and change. That means -- you will inevitably experience the brilliance this life has to offer and be deeply satisfied and grateful in the end. Please note, we offer a high service experience. However, if you feel you need individual coaching or counseling in any area in addition to our services, or services outside of that which we can provide and still care for the other travelers - we will assist you in getting that care at your additional expense.  Are you ready to take the plunge? Then this trip is for you. 

Who joins?

HVE welcomes people of all ages, backgrounds, countries and physical abilities. Our retreats are medium to highly active, however anyone attending can participate at the level they feel comfortable. If you are new to yoga, HVE are the perfect starting place. If you are brand new to meditation we will help you to get acquainted with the practice before you join the trip via our online platform and pre-sessions,  and offer daily meditation during the retreat.  Many who join HVE are already on their path of self discovery and also have information to share with the group. We welcome anyone who is curious and dedicated to creating the life of their dreams, and the HVE community is a beautiful container to grow in. We offer our retreats in English at this time. 

What to

Positive energy, and the desire and dedication to live the best life ever! A passion for travel and appreciation for other cultures, the ability to go with the flow, a desire to grow, learn and connect with amazing individuals on the same path.  Also your rain gear :) Here is our essential packing list: 

What to leave behind?

Expectations, bad attitudes and drugs of any kind.  (Just a reminder, Indonesia is a Muslim country and posesion, purchasing or use of illegal substances have very severe consequences). 

Are there payment plans?What payment systems do you except? What about tranfer limits?

You have the option to pay the full retreat cost, a deposit then the remaining balance (99 days prior to the retreat)  or the deposit then a payment plan outlined below. Full payment is due 69 days before the tip begins (May1st). Payments made prior are non refundable. Retreat spots are held at full payment. Prior to that, we cannot hold you spot and spots are limited. Therefor we recommend paying in full at the earliest you can. 

Payment Play Payments: 

Payment 1 at sign up:     Single or Double (pp): $1200,  Shared Room Booking Together (2pax): $2400

Payment 2 by May 1st:    Single $1700 (ttl of $2900), Double $2300 (ttl of 3500), Shared (2pax): $3200 (ttl of $5600) 

Payment 3 by June 1st:   Single: $1600 (ttl of $4500), Double $2000 (ttl of $5500), Shared (2pax) $3000 (ttl of $8600)          

We recommend Zelle, Wise or Venmo for payments. If you prefer to use Stripe that is our next choice and ideal for cc payments. All fees associated with a platform are not included in the cost of payment due and need to be added into payments. Zelle has no fees. Wise fees are around 1% and Stripe fees are approximate 3.3%. Both Zelle and Venmo have a transfer limit of $5000 per transaction (some are lower) so if paying in full on one of those platfoms

What if I don't do yoga or I have never meditated?

No problem, HVE is a great place to develop. Please read above under who joins HVE.  

What are the passport & visa requirements for Indonesia?

To enter Indonesia you must have a passport valid for 6 months from the time you enter. Also your passport must have a few empty pages. 


Visa requirements vary, depending on the country of your passport. For American citizens, when you enter Indonesia you automatically receive 30 days “Free” in the country - known as Visa Free. Visa Free cannot be extended, and you must leave the country after 30 days. You can also elect to get a Visa on Arrival at the DPS airport which gives you 30 days in the country, and if you choose to extend it once you are in Indonesia you can extend for another 30 days up to a total of 60 days. This visa costs about $35 at the airport and you can pay in dollars (cash only) and must be obtained at the airport. If you leave the airport - you do not qualify and must leave the country after 30 days. If you hold a passport outside of the US, please contact for details.  In most cases, a departing flight out of Indonesia is required. 

Please visit Bali Visas to read all of the required documents, and country lists. This will also be discussed on our welcome call.

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