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AUGUST 9 - 17th, 2024 
9 days, 8 nights in Uluwatu, Ubud + Canggu
Arrival airport: DPS 


Welcome Home. Bali offers everything: adventure, nature, personal development, and luxury. The range of experiences here, accompanied by the unique energy of Bali makes it the perfect catalyst to take your life to the next level.

After 3 years on this magical island I can say with clarity, it’s a life changing place to be. The spirit of Bali is nothing short of permeating and the barefoot lifestyle is exclusive to this place. On any ordinary day in Bali, one can experience riding a scooter with the smell of incense wafting through the street, the kindness of the local people and Hindu Culture, and the breathtaking cliffs, crystal blue beaches and rainbow colored sunsets dancing over the ocean. Bali combines energy (temples, prayers, meditation, customized ceremonies, breathwork, sound healing, personal growth and more ), adventure (world class surfing, white water rafting, swimming with manta rays, waterfall hikes, strolls through rice fields, scooter rides, pristine beaches)  and luxury (high class villas, vip beach clubs, private boat tours, island hopping, local guides and transport) for a breadth of experience rarely found in one place and certain to awaken a deep satiating smile, and reverberating impact on the life of  all who join for the journey. 

BALIthe Island of the Gods. 

It's been a dream to create retreats in Bali from the moment I arrived. It's become like a home and a sanctuary for me, 
and I know it will quickly feel like home for you too. Welcome home!

With great joy, I invite you to join me in one of my favorite places in the world, the life changing - Bali!
Wellness + Energy of Bali

Personal Human Design + Goal Setting Session

Customized Manifestation + Other Courses for Lasting Results (based in your Human Design)

Daily Yoga, Meditation and Gym Sessions

World famous Teachers in Personal Growth

Breathwork + Sound Healing

Bali Water Temple Initiation 

Manifestation + Self Development Courses

Pray in the Famous Temples of Bali

Shamanic Traditions

Fire and other Ceremonies

Bali Healers + Balinese Traditions


Stunning Villas 

Private Yacht Island Hopping 

VIP Beach Club + Dining Experiences 

Full Service Travel

Balinese Massage in Villa  

Stunning Cliffside Sauna + Ice Baths 

In Villa Chefs
Elaborate Balinese Dinner + Music

Spa Experiences

Adventure / Active: 

White Water Rafting 

Swim with Manta Rays

Daily Workouts 

Bike Ride through Ubud 

Surf Lessons at famous Breaks 

Monkey Forest Visits 

Hike to Hidden Canyons + Waterfalls

Living your Dream Life with High Vibe Escapes:
Personal Development + Impact 

At High Vibe Escapes we aim to create lasting change, through the only truly personalized retreats. Our personalized retreats begin with your  private Human Design reading. 


Human design is a roadmap for your life, that highlights your unique gifts that you came into this life with, and when applied specifically serve as a key to unlock your dream life.  Once you sign up for your HVE, you will be scheduled for your one on one Human Design and Manifestation Coaching session with Wendy.  In that session we combine your specific gifts, with your current life goals – and incorporate those into the retreat programing to help you create the life of your dreams. 


At that time, you will also  be admitted to a private social media group full of tools for learning guided meditations and other practices, and serves as an introduction to our community. The online community will  help hold you accountable for manifesting your goals for your HVE retreats and also offer their own life experiences to share.  We will also do a group introduction ceremony and Q &A before your selected retreat. 


During the retreat you will have access to what Wendy has discovered to be the most powerful and inspirational leaders for change in the world: teachers, coaches, shamans, body workers, and generally magical activators in the world.  We will learn tools to support and catalyze change – Meditation, Yoga, Prayer, Breathwork, Hypnosis, Soul Work, NervousSystem Regulation, Journaling, Ceremonies, Body Movement and More. The goal is to give you access to the people and resources to empower you, no matter what challenges life hands you, to continually create your best life in all areas; Relationships, Self Love/Inner Peace,  Wealth/Abundance, Business, Health and Spiritual.  


Finally; the HVE Tribe will support you and hold you accountable on the way. Not just on this retreat but for your life. Welcome home, your family awaits.

 3 cities:Uluwatu, Ubud & Canggu

+ a boat day to the island of Nusa Penida

distinctive cliff lines, pristine beaches, barefoot vibey surf town. Home to top international surf competitions and the best sunsets in the world.
this spiritual mecca of the world has been made famous by its yoga and wellness programs, but Ubud is also teaming with adventure, local culture and world famous cuisine. We will experience is all!
 hipster beach town - packed full of trendy restos and buzzing nightlife. Spas, shopping and the works - we end the trip with a little city vibe
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